Sinus Medication
Sinus Medication
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Typical sinus-related problems like sinusitis or sinus allergies can be very irritating. The symptoms tend to last for a few days and make it very difficult to carry-on with your daily schedule. Most people keep wondering about which is the best sinus medicine to treat their condition but it should be understood that every individual reacts differently to a sinus medication. Instead of searching for the best sinus medicine, people struggling with sinus problems should try and explore various kinds of medicines to decode which ones are best suited to relieve their symptoms.

Sinus Basics

Sinus symptoms among most people have a great degree of resemblance. This includes a discharge from the nose along with episodes of congestion of the nose and chest. The headaches often become vicious and there is a strained feeling along the entire face. The nose often develops an inflamed appearance and this may be accompanied by bouts of coughing. The coughing often surfaces in small intervals and the voice becomes hoarse due to the mucus build-up within the sinuses and the throat. Among people who have allergic sinusitis, the initial symptom is usually several bouts of uncontrolled and violent sneezing when exposed to the allergen. This is most common among people with dust-induced sinusitis. The smallest of exposure to dust can precipitate a sinus allergy reaction in such patients.

Understanding Sinus Medications

In order to find out which of the sinus medications is best suited for resolving your symptoms, it makes sense in understanding the basics about each sinus medicine. There are two, basic types of medications. These are called prescription medicines and over the counter medications.

While the prescription medicines contain drug-based, even steroidal, formulas and can be bought only upon presenting a prescription, OTC meds are easily available. Sinus-related conditions are perhaps among the most common of medical problems that require treatment with OTC medications. The OTC sinus medications are the first line of treatment used by most sinus sufferers. This includes using various types of expectorants and decongestants to alleviate the discomfort. However, the OTC meds have limitations in terms of the potency of the formulation. If the sinus problem cannot be arrested with the OTC meds in a week, then seeking a proper prescription is seriously recommended. Doctors can prescribe a more precise course of treatment that involves using anti-bacterial medications, antibiotics or powerful pain-killers or body-temperature meds to ensure that multiple symptoms are treated together. This helps in faster recovery.

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